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VPSDime is a well-known provider of VPS hosting services, offering cheap yet reliable virtual machines for people on a budget. If you require self-managed VPSes specializing in high RAM and storage offerings then VPSDime is the provider for you. You'll be amazed by the server performance, uptime and the quality of our support on top of our generous resource allocations.

Our LocationsVPSDime is available in 7 geographically diverse locations, allowing you to host your application across 2 different continents.

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Why Choose VPSDime?

Popular Linux Distros

A wide range of popular Distributions such as Debian, CentOS, Ubuntu, Fedora, ScientificLinux and OpenSUSE are supported. Our templates are minimal, clutter-free and have no pre-installed software/services.

Full Root Access

Linux VPS gives you full control of your VPS with full root access. You'll be able to connect easily by SSH, allowing you to build your server infrastructure from the ground up as per your business requirements.

Inclusive Control Panel

Manage your VPS' power functions and view resource-usage graphs right at your client area without ever having to login to another portal. Our solution offers a hassle-free way of managing your servers all in one place.

Full SSD Storage

We utilize enterprise SSDs in a RAID10 protected configuration. RAID10 provides the perfect balance of performance and durability for workloads that are both read and write intensive. Our configuration allows for blazing fast disk access so your applications are never bottlenecked.

Blazing Fast Network

We guarantee that you'll enjoy the amazing network that we provide to all customers. No more sluggish network access, allowing you to do more with your server without having to worry about bottlenecks.

Real Virtualization

Our Premium VPS utilizes the KVM virtualization technology which is well-known for providing dedicated-server-like freedom. KVM virtualization allows us to provide full virtualization which means that you have complete freedom over the software and operating system that you need to run.

Fully Dedicated Resources

KVM Virtualization allows us to provide preallocated CPU, RAM and Disk resources dedicated to you and you only at all times. Enjoy much more freedom, consistency and flexibility.

Nightly Backups

Premium VPS customers automatically enroll on our Nightly Backups Scheme with 3-day retention and upto 3 restores per month included at no extra charge. You can sit back and relax without ever having to worry about data loss.

Full SSD Storage

We utilize very high write intensive (10 DWPD) enterprise SSDs in a RAID10 protected configuration. Solid State Drives ensure consistent performance for I/O intensive applications/websites enabling you to serve files and query databases at blazing speeds.

Designed for the Enterprise

With a Maximum of 16 VPSes deployed per node, we are able to provide Enterprise level services with high and consistent performance all around. We have helped thousands of new startups thrive, and this is one of the reasons why they keep coming back for more!

Your Choice of OS

Our storage VPSes are available with a wide selection of operating systems. You can choose to deploy them with any flavor of standard Linux, but you also have the option of using special operating systems made for storage usage due to them being deployed using KVM virtualization.

Full Root Access

Our Storage VPSes offer full root access, allowing you to architect your own, customized backup strategy. The sky's the limit!

High Quality HP & WD Hardware

Our nodes are built on high quality HP servers with Western Digital RE Enterprise drives that yields excellent performance while staying highly resilient against failure. Perfect for a consistent backup system that you can rely on.

Massive Storage Capacity

Our pre-defined plans are all designed maximize the disk space available while keeping the cost low. You can always get in touch if you require a customized plan with more space. We are very flexible and can offer custom solutions.

Run any Backup Software

We provide the environment and backend for you to be able to install popular backup solutions such as Backula, Resilio, Openmediavault, Openfiler, Turnkeylinux fileserver, Rsync, Duplicity, Rsnapshot, Borg and many more.

In-house Control Panel

Our in house control panel handles all the complexities of Hyper-V management, meaning you can take care of most tasks including operating system installations with the click of a button.

Windows Server 2012 R2

We utilize Microsoft Hyper-V virtualization and included in the price is a single Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter license allowing for hassle-free Remote Desktop connection.

Full SSD Storage

We custom build our Hardware nodes. What our customers like the most is the fact that our servers are built on SSD RAID arrays that provides excellent performance.

Guaranteed Reliability

Each Winity VPS comes with dedicated RAM, you get exactly what you pay for without having to worry about someone else hogging your memory allocation. CPU allocations are fair-share.